Ever thought why Vertu mobile phones are more expensive than other phones?

Vertu mobile phones are more expensive than other phones as it provides the best quality, unique features & top class securities to all its users across the globe. The giant luxury phone maker uses real and high-quality leather for its mobile phone which is more than just perfection. The luxury Vertu mobile phones are made up of liquid metal alloy, the display is made up of scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass. The audio quality of this is incredible and provides complete security to your device. It provides a Hasselblad-tuned camera. It is made up of magnesium shell which is very light. These Vertu mobile phones provide unmatched quality and features.

Some features that make Vertu mobile phones special as compared to others are as follows:

Sapphire Crystal Screen

Sapphire is the second hardest thing in the universe after diamonds. It is not possible to break the Sapphire screen. It is scratch-free, it means you can use this mobile phone without any risk. It is multiple times stronger than glass.

Incredible Audio Quality


Vertu mobile phone provides the best audio quality. The audio features the Dolby Digital Plus virtual surround sound that gives complete essence to your ears.

High-Quality Material

Vertu mobile phone uses high-quality material such as real and best quality Italian leather that will give a royal look to your mobile phone. It also uses the Sapphire screen which is the hardest material and gives you scratch free services. These phones are multiple times stronger than normal mobile phones. The use of high quality ceramic which gives more precision to your luxury mobile.

We all know that material used in is very expensive and the keys to these mobile phones are made up of ruby. Imagine holding this luxury phone in your hand & flaunting it. We have described the reason why Vertu mobile phones are more expensive than other mobile phones. As it provides the best quality, luxury feature, high-quality material then it is genuine to charge high for mobile phones.

High Security

Vertu mobile phones always has the upper hand when it comes providing the high security to its users across the globe. Vertu always works hard in the field of security for its users. Vertu security feature not only protects your data but also gives more importance to your privacy.

Flaunting Luxurious

We have talked enough about the material been used to make the phone the real luxury. As stated earlier, Vertu always believe providing best & unique to its users worldwide. Vertu’s devices were made at its manufacturing facilities in Hampshire (England) and featured embedded jewels, such as rubies and sapphires, as well as expensive materials, such as gold and alligator leather.  

Incomparable Hardware

These mobile phones are incomparable to others. It is made up of the hardest material so it is scratch-free. It also contains the magnesium shell which is very light. These mobile phones are five times stronger than other mobile phones. So, you are going to use hardware that is rare, unique, luxury, stronger, beautiful and light-weighted.

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