Know the specifications of the Vertu signature touch?

Vertu Signature Touch launched in September of 2015 has an edge over the other models available in the market. Do you know what makes the luxurious phone special from the others? Apart from its high price tag, the customized phone from the British manufacturer can aid in flaunting your class and style to others. The design and construction of the phone will satisfy your needs. The use of high-quality materials and components offers excellent services to its customers. Investing in a Vertu mobile phone is the best decision you can take. It has so many features and has sophisticated technology that offers amazing benefits to the users. Here is the specification of Vertu Signature touch:

High Performance

The phone offers high performance as it has a 1.5 GHz processor (octa-core). Its processor make is Qualcomm Snapdragon 810. The phone has an internal storage of 64 GB while its RAM is 4GB. You can expand the storage space by using a microSD. Up to 256 GB, expandable storage is available on the phone. The phone is powered by a 3160mAhbattery, which you cannot remove. Therefore, you can enjoy excellent performance offered by the Android 5.1 that enhances user experience.

Best For Day-To-Day Use

The smartphone has a 5.20-inch touch screen with 1080X1920 pixels resolution (pixel density is 428ppi). So, you can use the phone for your day-to-day tasks as it offers good clarity. The phone also has the best resolution camera in its front and rear-end (2.1 megapixels in the front and 21 megapixels at the rear). So, you can take selfies or photos as well as videos of high quality and resolution using the phone. The use of highly expensive and best quality components ensures the model is durable. The model is popular among people due to the best sound quality it offers. You have a loudspeaker that offers you Dolby digital plus sound. Listening to music or videos using the phone offers you an unparalleled sound experience.

Long-Lasting Phone 

The phone will last for a long time. So, investing in a Vertu is worthwhile. The use of high-quality components improves the durability of the product. So, the product with the dimension 155.0mmX 74.0mmX 10.80mm with a forged grade 5 Titanium has high power and stunning appearance. The lavish calf leather-covered back panel offers it a sophisticated appeal. But, it only weighs 192grams, which makes it easier to carry with you. You have the option to customize the phone to make it look appealing to your tastes and wishes. The scratch-proof glass offers protection to the phone. The display has a sapphire crystal glass that makes the phone look good for a long time. 

When you buy from you get your hands on exclusive mobile phone handcrafted with intricate attention to details by the British manufacturer. So, the stylish and classy phone will help you create a good impression and image in front of your family and friends. You can flaunt Vertu Signature Touch in style. The customizable luxury mobile phones are for the individual who wished to show their class and knowledge of technology by opting for the best products and accessories.

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